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Balcony Khao Yai


“Balcony” (from Italian: Balcone) is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, which also called verandah, porch or terrace. It is the place where all family members use to relax or enjoy activities together in order to strengthen their relationship. Like the Balcony Khao Yai that bring a happy and warm feeling to become its main concept to launch their valley-surrounded balcony project. Balcony Khao Yai will make your impressive moment become more and more fascinated. You can enjoy a warm touch of the nature in a hill, which surrounded by mountains. Therefore, it is a great place to relax, let yourself savour in the land of nature and enjoy a fresh wind all year. Besides, it is quite convenient since it is only 140 kilometers from Bangkok, also located near many tourist attractions so that you can enjoy every minute of your holidays just like time has extended last longer.

Client :

Balcony Khao Yai

We Do :

Logo, Corporate identity, Advertorial, Banner, Billboard, Japan Flag, Cut out, Brochure