Step Forward With Creativity

Tab Plus Studio
is a graphic house established in 2014. With an authorized capital of 1 million baht, our business is all about graphic design. Our work scope ranges from printings, public relations, to other kinds of media. Our products include logos, brochures, banners, advertising billboards, outdoor media, newsletters, leaflets, organization guide books, product catalogues, packages, corporate designs, annual reports, notebooks, books, diaries, magazines, journals, pocket books, calendars, booklets, pamphlets, cards, and posters. Satisfying customer needs is our first priority.


My background as a student of architecture at Rangsit University as well as my 10-year work experience as an architect, an interior designer, a media reporter, and a chief editor for a home decoration magazine have well equipped me for art business. Establishing Tab Plus Studio is an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge, skills and experience so that I can create something different that fits best with customer needs.

                                                                                Sumeth Thammasitboon
                                                                                  Founder and Managing Director


In my entire life, I have worked as a graphic designer. I have gained experience in media printings, magazine, and advertising. It is obvious that creativity is the primary requirement for those types of work. I strongly believe that everything should be designed with creativity so that it can inspire people.

                                                                                Panarat Pawattanaroj
                                                                                  Founder and Creative Director